About T.Collins Logan

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About T.Collins Logan

T.Collins Logan is the creator of the Integral Lifework system of transformative practice, which eventually led him to formulate Level 7 approaches to political economy. He has worked in the fields of patient advocacy, health education, life coaching, mentoring and alternative healing arts for over twenty years. He is a lifelong student of philosophy, psychology and diverse faith traditions, and has authored several books and essays on psychology, wellness, mysticism and political economy.

A San Diego resident since 2002,
T.Collins Logan is an avid hiker, photographer and explorer of new ideas. He enjoys spending time with loved ones, inventing food dishes, appreciating art, working on home improvement projects, playing music, fiddling with computers and new technologies, keeping up with world events, and spending quality time with Nature.

Contact information:
[email protected]
PO Box 221082 San Diego, CA 92192

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