L7 Universal Social Backbone

Tools For A New Political Economy

Article VI

Regarding the Establishment of Social Credits and an Infrastructure and Essential Services Framework

Problems To Solve

Regarding infrastructure and essential services that are frequently socialized or regarded as fundamental staples of civil society, State-centric institutions and processes often induce bureaucracy, inefficiency and poor service levels, while privatization often increases cost, exploitation and public injury.

Infrastructure and essential services are often taken for granted as rights or entitlements that do not require any clear reciprocation. This contributes to over-utilization and dependency, to the demoralization of service providers, and to resentment and criticisms of the “Nanny State.”

The tug-of-war over production of public goods often leads to clientism, cronyism, and other disruptions to democratic processes.

Proposed Solutions

  1. Create networks of non-profit community organizations, government entities and non-governmental institutions that compete to provide infrastructure and essential services: a Universal Social Backbone
  2. Institute a system of social credits for utilization of infrastructure and essential services that is tied to civic participation

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